Benefits of NEYAH Membership


What is this Membership all about

NEYAH serves as a service network, providing individuals 55 + and their families outreach,education, and services. Enabling aging adults to stay connected to their community. We are a community that helps one another using neighbor to neighbor concept. This saves you money, gives you peace of mind and is an "Insurance Policy" to know NEYAH is with you every step of the way . 

Benefits of NEYAH Membership

Lifestyle Coordinator to help with accessing vetted contractors,helping schedule appoints and find resources .

Discounts on local shops,restaurants and events 

Exclusive NEYAH Services for all your needs at lower rates than conventional services .

Access to our Volunteer Services  including transportation,home services, wellness and social programs

Socialization and peace of mind especially for those who cannot be with their loved ones every day or live in another state . No worries NEYAH has you covered. Active and don't think this is for you because your not OLD !? Your right your not , but this keeps you active and in times of need Upgrade your membership and 

What People are Saying about NEYAH

Elaine and her staff have helped us stay social in our community . Her events are fun and we look forward to everything she hosts.

-Betty M

 Elaine has been a friend for decades and i have watched her evolve and grow as a person, therapist
and caretaker for others. i highly recommend her and her events. She has a heart and wants to share it with others.  `Dr Bernie Siegel

  I second that. She is all about taking care of people. She is an awesome, loving and caring person.  Cindy F 

Social Member $99 per year

Not in need for all the services just yet ? By joining as a social member you will be able to take advantage of our Programs , Workshops & Events for FREE or discounted pricing . Some of our classes are Exclusive for NEYAH Members . Social Members still receive discounts to our local shops and partners! 

When you are ready or in need you can upgrade to Active member we will be here no rush!

Active Membership $800 per year

This level of  membership allows for you to reap ALL the benefits of the NEYAH Community . Discounts to local shops and restaurants , access to vetted contractors , Life-Style Coordinator to help you schedule rides , appointments and services for FREE or discounted rates . NEYAH has you covered for all your needs , cleaning , friendly visitor, meals , dog walking and more ! Once you join a member of our team will come to meet with you and your family to go over your wants , needs and concerns to come up with a plan that fits your NEEDS  to ensure you get the most out of your membership   This allows you to Age in Place and have peace of mind. NEYAH is here is help with something as simple as changing a light bulb or helping to schedule a ride or pick up groceries . We are a COMMUNITY that works together , NEIGHBOR to NEIGHBOR

Social Members 99.00

Don't Miss Out on this Oppurtunity to meet new people, have fun , have peace of mind and receive some really great discounts! 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Active Membership $800

Have peace of mind knowing Elaine and her team are here for all your needs to help guide you through this Aging thing!

Meals, Cleaning, Check ins and MORE! 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card